How to use the Dynamic Bands to resist or assist exercises

Our Dynamic Bands are special resistance bands. They come in Light – X-Heavy resistance and can be stretched to 3 metres, increasing in resistance as they extend. The Dynamic Bands are covered in a special, skin-friendly sheath – which also stops the bands being over-extended. Peace of mind for those using resistance bands, as often its very difficult to tell when they are about to snap.

The Dynamic Bands are an amazing tool to help assist or resist almost any exercise. Helping you to achieve exercises you thought you couldn’t and break through training plateaus. For a deeper look into the Dynamic Bands click here, but we will get into how they can help you.

To attached the Dynamic Bands together: simply loop one band through the handle of the other and loop the end through the handle. Then pull the loose band all the way through to complete the knot, then attach the loose end into the Dual-Carabiner.

Assisting Weight – Strength

By taking some of your bodyweight they can help you perform moves you would be otherwise unable to do. For example: full length press ups can be assisted by wrapping the Dynamic Bands around your waist when anchored from a high anchor point. As you lower your body towards the ground, the bands offer increasing resistance, helping most at the toughest point of the movement.

Once you have used these to progress, you can simply lower the anchor point and the Dynamic Bands will apply slightly less assistance. Helping you to achieve your goals faster. The bands can also be used in combination with the Power Straps, clipped into the Auster Dual-Carabiner. This means you can assist exercises such as the Chest Press, Chest Flys, or any number of exercises.

Assisting Weight – Range of Motion

The bands can help you assist a range of motion that would not be possible otherwise. An exercise such as the Cossack Squat requires a lot mobility. Many people lower down and end up falling backwards. The Dynamic Bands can assist by taking some of your bodyweight, allowing you to reach a full range of motion. Over time you can reduce the assistance the bands offer, and achieve a full range of motion with no assistance.

For most exercises you should utilise a high anchor point to assist exercises, this means the bands are pulling upwards and taking some of your bodyweight.

Increasing resistance

You can easily add resistance to any exercise you are doing using the Dynamic Bands. Typically this will be done from a low anchor point to add resistance to the upwards body motion. If you want to do resisted press ups, you can place the bands over your back. If you are doing squats you can hold the bands, or wrap them around your waist and perform a resisted squat.

The bands can also be used outside of the anchor, you can perform resisted press ups by simply holding both ends in your hands, placing over your back and pressing.

Resistance Ranges on the Bands:

Light: 2.5kg-10kg

Medium: 4kg-15kg

Heavy: 6.5kg – 23kg

X-Heavy: 9kg – 28kg

Auster Dynamic Bands come in Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy strengths, buy yours here.

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