Auster Mini Parallettes product launch

The latest in our line of aluminium Parallettes is the all new Mini Parallettes. These have been specifically designed to be portable and taken anywhere. The Mini Parallettes are made from aerospace-grade aluminium, ensuring they are the highest strength yet remaining lightweight. This means they weigh just 1 kilo per bar. The Mini Parallettes come included in their own bespoke carry bag with Auster handle for transportation.

Auster Carry Bag

Features of the Mini Parallettes

Aerospace-grade aluminium – incredibly light, strong and will never rust

Full width rubber sleeve for maximum ground contact and grip

Bespoke Auster carry bag is included for transportation

Stealth Matte Black finish

Finished in Matte Black with full width rubber base
Carry bag with Parallettes inside

Parallettes are a fantastic tool to improve your workouts. They enable many more exercise options to be performed on them, and the neutral bar reduces the stress on wrists during exercises like press ups.

Auster Parallettes come in Low, Medium and High and all are made from aerospace-grade aluminium, making them the lightest and strongest on the market. To see more on our Parallettes range click here.

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