How to perform the Glute kickback

The Glute kickback is one of the best isolation exercises for the glutes. The majority of people have weak, underactive glutes. This is due to spending the majority of the day sat down, without activating them. This means that even during exercises like Squats, where the glutes are an assisting muscle, they still struggle to activate. By isolating the glutes in the glute kickback, you can fire up the mind-muscle connection and wake up those glutes.

Whether you’re an athlete or a fitness beginner, male or female, we all need bigger, stronger glutes. This is a great exercise for all people to perform, especially at the beginner of a lower body workout to get your glutes activated.

How to do it

Using our Dynamic Bands will give you an extra squeeze at the end of the movement, increasing activation and gains. Read here why our Dynamic Bands are so beneficial.

From a low or mid anchor point, attach your Auster Main Anchor and clip in the Dynamic Bands.

Place one foot through the handle and secure to your ankle with the rubber slider.

Step back so there is tension on the band, allowing your working leg to be staggered in front of the non-working leg.

Lift your foot slightly off the ground and begin to slowly draw your leg back as far as you can.

Turning your foot slightly outwards helps activate the glute medius fibres, and increase the contraction.

Bring your leg as far back as possible and squeeze at the top for a second.

Reverse the movement to the beginning and repeat for 15-20 reps, then swap legs and continue.

To increase the difficulty, simply move further back, or loop both Dynamic Bands around one ankle.

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