1 exercise to improve posture and core stability – V-Sit to Row

Good posture and core stability go hand in hand. The muscles surrounding the core play a key role in ensuring correct posture, whether sitting or walking around. From spending most of the day in a seated position, most people have weak glutes, tight hips, weak lower back and abs and rounded upper back. This means posture and core stability are physiologically undesirable and weak, respectively.

It is important to ensure you have good posture when seated at your desk, but it is also important to stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones outside of this time. This one exercise is great to strengthen the abs, back glutes and core muscles. For Dynamic exercises to improve core strength, click here.

How to do the V-Sit to Row

Using our Dynamic Bands from a high anchor point.

Start position

Grab hold of the Dynamic Bands, sit on the floor bring tension onto the bands. Lift your legs off the floor, keeping them straight with knees locked.

Lift your upper back off the floor, using the bands to give assistance to hold you up.

Begin to row the bands towards your abs, ensuring to pull the scapula back and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Hold this position for a second, keeping your core tight and muscles contracted.

Then slowly allow your arms to straighten, returning to the start position. Ensuring to keep your legs raised and upper back off the ground.

The Dynamic Bands apply more resistance as they extend, so to make the exercise more difficult sit further away from the anchor point.

Pro Tip

To add an additional level of difficulty, add in an extra ab crunch during the finished position.

For a posture focus, keep the scapula rectracted and shoulder blades squeezed together.

If you want to focus on Calisthenic strength, protract the scapula and push them forward (as featured in the picture), to strengthen the scapula protractors.

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