Training the Upper Chest with the Dynamic Band Incline Press

The upper chest is key to giving your chest that full ‘shelf’ like look. If you’re looking to have impressive pecs, then the upper chest should be your focus. Overdeveloped lower chest fibres make pecs sag, rather than making the chest look blocky and full.

The Dynamic Band Incline Press is one of the best exercises for your upper chest. Here’s why.

We have covered the benefits of dynamic bands in depth. In short, at the point of peak muscle contraction the band is applying the most resistance. This emphasises the concentric squeeze phase of the movement, meaning better muscular activation, pump and more gains. Yes you can gain serious strength with resistance bands.

The Upper Chest

The function of the upper chest is to raise the arm and bring it towards the centre line. The movement or your hands should begin low and finish high. Notice how the fibres run diagonally up and in, Tuck Planche Push ups are also a killer exercise to work these fibres.

How to setup

Attach your Main Anchor to a low anchor position, ideally below knee height. If you are training at home, simply slide the Bone Anchor underneath the door and close it. Then clip in the Dynamic Bands.

Performing the exercise

Take hold of the rope handles on the Dynamic Bands, step away from the anchor to bring tension onto the bands.

Lift your hands to either side of your chest, with elbows bent and tucked at your side. Taking a split stance with one leg infront of the other will ensure stability.

This is the start position.

Press upwards and inwards, squeezing your chest until your arms are level with your eyes.

Squeeze your chest and hold the top position for a split second.

Then reverse and repeat for repetitions.

To progress/regress the exercise

If you find the exercise too easy, simply move further away from the anchor to increase tension on the bands. If you still find it too easy, then its time to buy the next strength of Dynamic Band. They come in Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy – so there is a strength for everyone.

If you find the exercise too difficult, simply step closer to the anchor point to decrease tension. You may also need a lighter pair of Dynamic Bands if you still find the movement too difficult.

Try this exercise after pre-exhausting the muscle with Chest Flys for incredible gains.

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