Innovative ways to use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a fantastic piece of kit, and essential to every workout routine. We have already covered why they are so good and how everyone can benefit from them. Training power development and explosivity with resistance bands is highly effective and simple. We will delve a little deeper into exactly why this is, and how you can involve power training into your routine.

Power comes from the floor to the core

The rotational power used in punching and kicking comes from the floor, up to the core – the centre of rotation. Your feet must apply force into the floor and the power develops from there. Not only are you working the stabilising muscles, but the core is also working in every explosive movement to exert and control power. This means the core is working hard, often without you even realising it.

Adding resistance bands into exercises

Whether in Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, or any kind of Martial Art, you can use the Auster Dynamic Resistance Bands to improve your speed and rate of force development.

For example you can use the bands from a low anchor point and work on your kicking speed, improving rotational power and kicking power. You can also link two bands together, tie them around your waist and improve jumping performance and explosive power from the floor as seen below.

Upper body power and explosiveness is key

Exercises such as punching, power pressing and speed shoulder work is also vital to improve upper body speed and power. From a high anchor point you can perform jabs, crosses and hooks. It is also possible to have two anchor points and perform combinations with both arms.

The Battlestaff takes rotational power training to the next level

Our Battlestaff allows users to perform a huge variety of power focused exercises. You can attach both ends and perform explosive presses, or attach one end and chop wood and perform Axe attacks.

There are hundreds of ways to innovate and use resistance bands to improve your speed and power. Get creative and tag us in your training pictures and videos @Austerfit #ReachYourPeak #AusterFit

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