How to perform the Pike exercise

The Pike exercise is a great intermediate exercise for the Abs. It can be performed with the feet placed in the footstrap of the Power Straps. The Pike works predominantly the Abdominals, but also places a lot of bodyweight onto the Delts and Traps. This makes the Pike a great exercise to strengthen the core and shoulders for exercises like the Press to Handstand, Planche and Tuck Planche Press ups. If the Pike is too difficult, begin with Plank variations.

How to perform the Pike

Firstly slide the handles around on the Power Straps to reveal the built-in footstraps.

Lengthen the Power Straps so they are close to the floor.

Place your feet in the footstraps.

To make the exercise harder simply move further away from the anchor point.

Place your hands on the floor around shoulder width apart and begin in a straight arm plank position.

Ensure to keep your scapula protracted, pushed forward with rounded shoulders.

This is the starting position.

Keeping your legs straight begin to lift your hips to the sky tensing the abs.

Ensure to keep the arms straight, the back must remain flat and stack your hips over the top of your shoulders.

Hold the squeeze in this top position for a split second then reverse and return to the start position.

How to vary the exercise

To make the exercise more applicable to movements such as the straddle press to handstand, simply straddle your legs throughout the duration of the movement.

To make the exercise easier simply bring your body further underneath the anchor point.

Changing hand position will also vary the position of the tension on the shoulders.

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