How to increase your jump height using the Dynamic Bands

If you are looking to increase your vertical or horizontal jump height, then this is for you. Plyometric power is a great way of testing athletic ability. Jump height tests are used in a huge variety of sports, even in the NFL combine as a way of ranking athletes. Jump height is essential in many sports, and general athletic function. It is also a great way of improving your sprint speed. Here is a great way of improving your jump height using the Dynamic Bands.

Loaded vs Deloaded

There are two types of loading: Loaded and Deloaded. Loaded means adding weight or resistance to make the jump harder. Deloaded is using equipment to reduce your bodyweight, allowing you to jump higher.

Loaded jump

The best way to perform the loaded jump is with the Dynamic Bands wrapped around the waist from a low anchor point. The bands are the optimal tool, as it is easy to increase or decrease resistance. As you begin to fatigue, simply move closer to the anchor point to reduce the resistance. The bands are also preferable over a fixed weight as it reduces landing impact on your ankles and knees. Read how to wrap the bands around each other here.

Deloaded jump

The deloaded jump is also a highly effective way to increase jump height. By reducing your bodyweight you can overcome gravity more easily, and build up joint and ligament spring with a reduced risk of injury.

To perform the deloaded jump, attach the Main Anchor to a high anchor point. This means the Dynamic Bands will take some of your bodyweight, reducing your mass in contact with the ground. It is best to have the bands wrapped underneath your armpits to secure them in place.

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