How to perform Tuck Planche Push-ups on Medium Parallettes

Tuck Planche Push-ups are a great way of building up pressing strength, and as an exercise to progress to the Planche. The exercise targets the Shoulders, Chest, Triceps, Core and even the Traps. As your feet are off the floor, Tuck Planche Push-ups are significantly harder than regular push-ups. Make sure you have a strong foundation of press-ups before attempting these. By using the Parallettes, it allows the body to pass underneath the hands, increasing the range of motion.

Here’s how to perform Tuck Planche Push-ups on our Medium Aluminium Parallettes

Begin by taking hold of the Parallettes, ensure arms are straight and locked, with the inside of the elbow joint facing forward.

Lift your feet off the ground and suck the knees into the chest – this is the starting position. To make the exercise more difficult, simply lift your Glutes higher in the air whilst maintaining a flat back.

Bend the elbows, keeping them tucked into your side and not flared out. Keep your hips high and do not let them sag – this turns the exercise into a Dip. Go as low as you feel comfortable. For those with good shoulder mobility, go as low as you can, otherwise stick to the upper arm just breaking 90°.

Press back up to the start position, maintaining the control of the abs so the hips stay high.

How to make Tuck Planche Push-ups harder or easier

To make the exercise harder, lift your hips higher, extend your legs behind your body, even assuming a Straddle Planche position. This increases the mass distribution away from the pressing point, increasing difficulty.

If this exercise too difficult, it is possible to only do the eccentric phase. Simply lower your body down, then use your feet to stand up to the top position and continue. Strength will quickly be built, enabling you to do the concentric (pressing up) phase. Alternatively you can use our Dynamic Bands wrapped around your waist to provide support.

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