3 exercises to improve your rotation power

Rotation power is essential for many sports and movements from football and rugby to improving boxing power. Training the core and abdominals is imperative to creating rotation power, and translating strength from your legs to your arms. Here’s our quick guide on the top 3 exercises to improve your rotation power with our Dynamic Bands.

Woodchop for Rotation Power

The Woodchop is the quintessential core rotation exercise. Using our Dynamic Bands, they apply more resistance towards the end of movement. This increases difficulty and peak contraction of the core muscles. It also enables you to perform the movement slowly for control, or quickly for power.

Russian Twist

The Russian Twist is a seated core rotational exercise great for targeting the obliques and abs. This is done from a low anchor point with the Dynamic Bands. Grab a hold of the band and twist to each side, crunching the obliques.

Baseball smash

The baseball smash is a very tough but fun exercise to do on the Battlestaff. Much like hitting a baseball, grab hold and rotate to smash. The Battleband provides a lot of resistance, so really taxes the core and shoulders/upper body.

For a great anti-rotation exercise check out the Pallof press.

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