Why Auster Rings are the best gymnastic Rings on the market

We proudly say that our Rings are the best gymnastic Rings on the market. We have worked with Olympic Rings gymnasts and elite Calisthenics athletes to ensure they are the highest quality, most functional gymnastic Rings you can buy.

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten” – this is a quote we stand by. When your Auster Rings, Power Straps, or Parallettes are still working like new, years after the day they arrived, then we’re sure you’ll be grateful you decided to buy the best. We spend a lot of time researching, developing and testing our products to ensure they can withstand the harshest use. That’s why our Power Straps can tow a 4.2 tonne lorry, our Aluminium Parallettes can be repeatedly battered with a hammer for weeks at a time, and our Dynamic Bands can continue to function even after having the resistance tubes progressively cut.

Features of Auster Rings which make them the best gymnastic Rings

Strap secured to the Ring

Just like Olympic Rings – our strap is secured onto the Ring itself. This is for improved safety and security, as the Ring does not slip through the strap. It also allows for better exercise execution, during exercises like the Muscle Up. It means the ‘False Grip’ hold is also superior, as there is no Ring movement.

Olympic-grade compressed wood

We use the same wood as the Olympic Rings. It is a hardened and compressed 28mm wooden Ring for the ultimate feel, grip and strength. 28 millimetres is the Olympic grip circumference measurement, so it is ours too.

Carabiner secure – no slippage

We utilise an Aluminium carabiner, which secures under stitching in the strap, to mount and adjust the length of our Rings. Other manufacturers use sliding buckles, which over time become slippery and not secure, rendering the Rings useless. Our carabiner mechanism means the Rings are incredible strong and will never loosen. The Aluminium carabiner also means when it starts raining, you don’t have to go home. Where other metals would rust, our aerospace-grade aluminium continues to perform.

The carabiner also means Rings are always the same length, so when hanging over a bar or horizontal anchor, they always hang the same height.

Power Rings – Indoor use

Our Power Rings, which are included in the Master set, can be attached to the at-home Bone Anchor. This means you can do some Rings exercises at home, like Ring Rows, Straight Arm Flys, Chest Press etc. Whilst you cannot be suspended from them in this manner, we sell A-Mounts which can be secured into the ceiling.

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Largest Colour selection

We also offer the largest, and sexiest, colour selection of all gymnastic Rings. Another reason why ours are the best gymnastic Rings in the world.

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