The Dangers of cheap fitness equipment

Strength, Weight, Price – you get to choose two. If you want it to be cheap, chances are it will be weak or heavy. Buying cheap is a dangerous game, as there is always a trade-off with the other two.

This is especially true when purchasing fitness equipment. If a product has to be cheap AND be within a certain weight requirement, then you could be really comprising the strength. If you are doing a handstand on your Parallettes, or hanging from your Suspension trainer, you don’t want to be worrying about it breaking.

You pay for quality. You pay for safety. And you should also pay for enjoyment. If you take working out and exercising seriously, premium equipment is a must. It will stand the test of time, workout after workout. Cheap equipment will break and you’ll end up spending more replacing it than if you’d purchased quality equipment in the first place.

If you missed it, here is the link to our CEO, Andrew, testing our Parallettes.

The rise of the home workout

In the past quality of equipment was not as large a concern for the fitness fanatic. They would attend a gym and expect a certain level of equipment and facilities depending on your monthly subscription fee.

In recent years working out at home and in other spaces has grown – perhaps due to time pressures associated with work or costs of gym membership rising. Purchases of Resistance Bands, Parallettes and other home gym equipment has grown hugely in the last few years.

As such the market has been flooded with cheap equipment, knock-off and discount items that haven’t been properly strength tested or certified. This has made it more important than ever to purchase the legitimate equipment, than risking injuries buying substandard equipment that will break.

“Not only will buying right first time save you from injuring yourself, it will also save you money in the long run as you will only have to buy it once”

Buying premium equipment is cost efficient. A set of good quality of Power Straps costs more, however they are stronger, more rugged and reliable and less likely to fill you with a sense of panic and dread every time you exert your full body weight on it. Cheap equipment will break and become damaged easily meaning replacing it regularly, ultimately racking up a hefty bill over time.

Substance with a touch of style

Instagram drives the fitness fashion scene, and it is not exclusive to the clothes you wear. The equipment you use is now very much a fashion statement. Aesthetically attractive equipment is a fitness Instagrammers dream. So, if you’re looking to post a progress report, workout goal achievement or a home-related exercise feat you should consider going premium; it looks better, because it is better.

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