Parallettes – Product focus on the only all aluminium bars in the world

Parallettes are portable bars that are a calisthenic staple. They are an extremely versatile piece of kit, allowing users to perform hundreds of exercises on them. This blog will focus on the Auster range of Parallettes. For beginner exercises on Parallettes see here, for intermediate exercises see here.

Auster Aluminium Parallettes – order yours here

All Auster metalwork uses specially coated aerospace grade aluminium. It is extremely light and stronger than steel, which is an all-round win. They come in a gun-metal brushed aluminium finish for the ultimate badass look and feel.

Our Parallettes are the only all aluminium on the market. It is a very difficult material to work with, and to ensure perfect quality, balance and weight, requires a lot of product development. We specialise in premium equipment and detail perfection, so we made it our goal to develop the best, lightest, strongest bars.

Click here to see a strength test of our medium aluminium Parallette.

All our bars are rated to withstand over 1,000kg per bar. So you could comfortable use them as jackstands for your car (though we don’t recommend it obviously).

Low Parallettes

Weighing in at just 1.5kg per bar, they are super lightweight and perfect for everything from press ups, to handstands, or even Planche. The lower the bar, the less room there is between the floor and your hands. This means that exercises which require you to bring your legs through your hands will be harder, as you must have superior flexibility and control.

Medium Parallettes

Weighing in at just 2kg per bar, the medium bars are the perfect height for most people. They offer enough space below the bars for beginners to bring their bodies through, and not too high to be scary during a handstand.

High Parallettes

Weighing in at just 5kg per bar, the high bars are fantastic for exercises like Dips, with the height allowing users to perform rows underneath the bars. Advanced calisthenic athletes will user use the high bars to practice exercises like the Front Lever.

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