How to perform the Russian Twist. With added resistance for shredded obliques.

The Russian Twist is an amazing core exercise targeting the Abdominals and the Obliques. It helps strengthen the abs, but also improve rotational strength, power and stability. Whether you’re an athlete, or simply an office worker who trains, this move will help you. Here is a guide on how to perform the Russian Twist, with added resistance from our Dynamic Bands. Our Dynamic Bands are special sheathed resistance bands – read more here.

Set Up

Use a low anchor point and attach a Dynamic Band to the Dual-Carabiner.

Sit facing the anchor point so the band is directly in the middle of your legs.

Grab a hold of the band and assume a mid sit up position.

Performing the Russian Twist

With your arms slightly bent and locked in front of you, twist to each side, holding the oblique contraction.

To add more resistance, simple move further away from the anchor point. For even more resistance, try adding two Dynamic Bands.

Aim to perform 10-15 repetitions each side.

Adding resistance to the Russian Twist

By using the Dynamic Band, it emphasises the peak contraction of the Obliques during each rep – maximising muscle engagement.

It also increases tension on the Delts, Traps, Lats and Rhomboids. More muscles used = more gains.

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