How to perform the Hindu Push up

The Hindu Push up is a more dynamic, full body version of the regular press up. Performed on our Medium Parallettes. You can work more Shoulders, Back, Core and even Glutes with this variation. Here’s a quick explanation as to how to do it, and why you should be doing it.

Using Medium Parallettes will make the exercise easier, as your hands are higher off the floor and are carrying less of your bodyweight.

Using Low Parallettes will make the exercise harder, as your hands are lower to the floor and are carrying more of your bodyweight.

How to do it

  1. Begin by taking hold of the bars and walking back about 1m from them.
  2. Go onto your toes, keep your hips high and round your back slightly letting your scapula protract and be pulled away from your body.
  3. Bend your arms so your head goes through your hands, keep looking down and ensure your hips are kept high.
  4. When your hands are level with your chest, start to sink the hips, bringing the chest and head up.
  5. Finish by arching your back as much as possible, chest to the sky and looking up.
  6. Reverse movement to the start position and continue.

Additional Muscles worked during Hindu Push up

The initial phase of the movement works more Shoulders from the pressing angle being focused more.

The mid phase of the movement uses increased Lower Back, Abdominal and Core activation to hold your body solid through the transfer phase.

The end section of the movement uses increased Lower and Upper Back, Glutes, Shoulder and Triceps to hold the end position. This is due to increased body weight over the upper body.

Final note

The Hindu Push Up is a great way to start building up strength for Pike Push ups and moving towards handstand press ups.

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