How to improve boxing power with the Auster Dynamic Bands

Boxing is a not only a fantastic martial art, but also a great way of improving your cardiovascular fitness. These days classes like boxercise or Les Mills BodyCombat are massively popular, and some people are even trying white collar boxing matches. Boxing power transfers to other throwing and anterior explosive movements very well. So training Boxing punching power can also help improve your dips, bench press, explosive press ups etc. Our Dynamic Bands are the perfect tool to increase that explosive power used in boxing. Here’s how to do it.

Set Up

Setting up the Main Anchor from a Low-Medium height optimises the travel path of the resistance.

If you want to focus more on shoulders, you can set the anchor to a Low height upper cutting and punching upwards.

If you want to focus more on chest, you can set the anchor to a Medium height and punch straight out in front of you.

How to

Grab hold of the rope handles on the Dynamic Bands and step forward to bring some tension into the bands. The further away from the anchor point you go the more tension there is, and the more difficult it will be to punch.

Once you have enough tension on the bands, stand in an open boxing stance. Make sure your big-hitting power hand is at the back, if you’re right-handed stand with left foot forward. Jab out as fast as you can with the left hand, return your hand to the start position, and punch out with the right hand.


Aim for at least 10/15 power punches per arm before resting and going again.

You can also try to punch as many times as possible as fast as possible to build up endurance.

Mix it up, trying uppercuts and hooks mixed in.

Hook Tip

To maximise hooking power, stand side-on to the anchor and hook with one arm. Then when finished, turn around, grab the handle with the other arm and continue.

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