How to Front Lever - the dynamic method of holding statics

The Front Lever is a Calisthenics staple exercise. Simply hold onto a bar, ensuring to keep your hips and legs straight, lift them up so your whole body is parallel with the ground, and hold. It is an eye-catching exercise that makes it look like you are lying down. However don’t be fooled by how easy it looks. It is in fact, extremely tough to master. The Front Lever is also an example of a ‘static’ exercise, or a hold. These are exercises that involve no movement and are held for time. Here is our explanation on how to dynamically train for the Front Lever on our Flyer Rings. Including a demo from one of London’s best Personal Trainer: Lewis Paris Fitness

Begin with the Candle position

Take hold of the rings and lift your legs up towards the ceiling so your body is inverted, as straight as possible.

Begin to lower your legs as slowly as possible

Try and keep your body in a straight line, let your legs slowly lower down making sure to keep your arms straight.

Keep lowering the legs, begin to squeeze the Glutes to ensure the hips stay high

Once the legs pass 45 degrees it is important to squeeze your Glutes and Lower Back to make sure your hips don’t fold. This helps keep your legs in a straight line, with your hips high.

Hold the Front Lever position for as long as possible

The finishing position you are aiming to hold is where the body is as horizontal as possible. To build up to being able to hold the Front Lever, continue practising this dynamic version, lowering down as slowly as possible.

If controlling this motion is still too difficult, you can have assistance from the Dynamic Bands

Simply attach the Dynamic Bands, and loop your feet into the straps. These will help provide assistance to hold your legs in the air. To increase assistance simply anchor the Bands higher, to decrease assistance simply lower the anchor point of the bands.

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