How to do the Inverted Deadlift on Rings. Featuring Lewis Paris Fitness.

The Inverted Deadlift is an interesting and fun exercise to do on Gymnastic Rings. Helping strengthen the Glutes, Hips, Abs, Shoulders and Back it is a full body exercise. It aids building balance and stability on the Rings, and helps hugely for exercises such as the Front Lever and Back Lever and harder calisthenic progressions. Here is how to do it, featuring Auster Athlete and top London PT Lewis Paris Fitness.

Start Position

Begin by taking hold of the Rings and inverting into the Candle position. Your body should be arrow straight, Glutes squeezed and shoulders back and down. Watch out for excessive shoulder rounding, your shoulders should be relaxed and back.

Begin to sink your hips down, flattening your back towards the ground. Keep your legs straight and feet in the middle of the Ring straps. During the Inverted Deadlift, keep the Rings as close to your shins as possible.

Finish Position

Continue lowering down until your back is flat to the floor. It is okay to go slightly passed this point for an additional stretch.

Once you have reached this position, squeeze your Glutes and extend your hips into the air to return to the start position.

The Inverted Deadlift is an excellent exercise to build Glute and hip strength when progressing to the Front and Back Levers. By focusing on the Shoulders and Back, you also get a good Scapula Retraction and Lat squeeze from pulling down on the Rings.

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