1 essential exercise tip on how to do the Muscle Up on Rings.

The Muscle Up is an objective move for many beginner Ring athletes. It is a move that requires a lot of strength, and on the Rings stability. There is one tip and exercise that will help you learn or improve your muscle up. First we’ll quickly explain what it is then go straight into an essential exercise.

What is the muscle up?

It is simply a Pull up followed by a Dip.

You begin hanging from the Rings, or a bar. Then you pull your body up, transfer your weight over your hands, and push, or dip, yourself to the top position. Here is why Gymnastic Ring Dips are so good. For more info on Pull ups vs Chin ups look here, if you cant do Pull ups yet then read our guide.

Where is the hardest position?

The hardest position is where the training focus should be spent. People attempting to do a Muscle Up should be able to do many Pull ups and Dips already.

The hardest position is the transfer point. This is where you are transitioning from the pull to the push. This is where many people get stuck, so this should be the training focus.

The 1 exercise to help your Muscle up

False Grip Hangs

The hardest position of the pull up is holding the Rings, or bar, to your chest; as you are weakest in this position. By training this specific position, you will build up the strength to comfortable transition from the pull to the push movement.

Top tip – once you can comfortably hold this position, begin to open your hands towards your chest and armpits whilst keeping the Rings against your body. This will further help build the isometric strength at the top position of the pull up.

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