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The Dynamic Bands are the ultimate resistance bands, covered with ultra-strong polyester sheath to protect you and your kit. The sheath minimises chafe, and acts as a built-in safety mechanism stopping the bands from overextending and snapping. They come with luxury-soft feel rope handles and extend to 3.2m. Available in Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy, so there is a resistance for everyone. The Dynamic bands come in a set of two.

Resistance ranges on the Bands:

Light: 2.5kg-10kg

Medium: 4kg-15kg

Heavy: 6.5kg – 23kg

X-Heavy: 9kg – 30kg

Light Resistance – This is best suited for rehabilitation exercises or to provide a light resistance or assistance, for regular exercises. If you are a beginner this may be well suited to you.

Medium Resistance – This resistance is most suited to everyone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, there is a great range of resistance for most people. We advise Medium strength for all first-time customers, it enables users to access a wide range of exercises and ensure correct form.

Heavy Resistance – This resistance is suitable for strong athletes, or those seeking a large amount of resistance/assistance. The available exercises are reduced due to the extra resistance, but ideal for Rows, Presses, Pulldowns, Curls etc.

X-Heavy Resistance – This is our heaviest strength and provides a very large resistance to overcome. This is only suited to the elite, very strong athletes.

Auster Dynamic Bands are made from special nitrile rubber. While the outer sheath protects the inner bands, they can still wear and deteriorate. As such our warranty period for the bands is one year.

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Customer Reviews

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