Gym machines are out. Why modular equipment is the gym kit of the future

Gym equipment is often designed with one use in mind. Machines such as the chest press can only perform one movement. While this does have its own benefits, machines take up a lot of space and if someone has many sets to do it’s often difficult to interrupt them or jump in. Modular equipment can be used in hundreds of different ways with thousands of exercise possibilities. It is the gym equipment of the future: one unit that can do everything. There’s no surprise that the multi-functional holy Squat Rack and the Landmine have shot up in popularity recently.

It makes sense that a piece of equipment that has hundreds of different uses is a lot more useful than that which has only one.

The Auster Modular Suspension Trainer utilises a patented dual carabiner, which enables use of various attachments. It can be used as a traditional suspension trainer with the Power Straps attached, or with the Dynamic Bands, or a Combination of the two. You can even attach our Power Rings onto the dual carabiner to up your gymnastic game.

The modularity of the Auster system is one of the reasons we were featured on Forbes list of fitness training innovations.

This requirement of equipment with multi-uses also brings more innovation to equipment suppliers. Whilst they can spend time finding the optimum angle for the seat, and levering arms for the latest Row machine. They cannot tailor to everyone, as gym goers come in all shapes and sizes. This is a fundamental problem with many machines being tailored to the ‘average’ person. The average height of the Dutch is 1.84m, compared to Indonesia at an average of 1.58m (Telegraph), a difference of 26cm. With such a large discrepancy, a machine will not be ideally suited to both of these populations.

Free-weight, and bodyweight training are some of the most beneficial forms of exercise, requiring increased balance, strength and stabilisation factors. When done correctly, the body will find the optimum position, and best biomechanical path for it to perform each exercise. This is why movements using non-fixed ranges of motion are superior. There is the benefit of your body finding the most natural position. Rather than a machine forcing you into an unnatural movement pattern.

With the Auster Modular System it is possible to have the functionality of resistance bands, a suspension trainer, gymnastic rings, and combinations of all of these using a single system. This means that the exercise possibility list is as long as your imagination allows it.

Modular, multi-use equipment is the kit of the future. So stay tuned for more innovation from Auster.

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