Fitness fashion: Look good, feel good, train good?

As human beings, we value how we look. This is particularly evident when it comes to Instagram, Facebook and wealthy industries such as fashion and cosmetics. We value style as it fills us with confidence. In many ways, it can also improve general productivity and performance.

But can a striking new set of rings or a fresh new pair of running shorts really improve athletic performance?

Functionality over fashion

Fitness fashion is a serious business. According to Global Industry Analysts Inc. the health and exercise fashion market will be worth an estimated $231.7 billion by 2024. With consumer demand continuing to grow for fitness equipment that looks aesthetically striking, this is a figure which can only be expected to rise.

The functionality and quality of equipment should come first, but there is such a consumer demand for aesthetically appealing gear. Fitness companies will continue trying their best to please their customers by creating visually pleasing products that satisfy their consumer and market needs.

The market – Fitness fashion is no longer exclusive to fitness

The Instagram generation value fitness fashion far more than the generations that preceded them. Social Media is filled with ‘Fitness Influencers’, some of them receiving tens of millions of followers. This is largely made up of impressionable 16 to 24-year-olds. General fashion has evolved significantly alongside this. Gone are the days that entry to a high-end night club meant wearing your smartest clothes; trainers and t-shirts often suffice in many trendy venues. A similar relaxed dress code has crept into the working environment. Companies must now hit a target that means the clothes they produce must not only be ‘acceptable’ in the gym, but also out on the high street.

The science of the individual

The science to suggest athletic performance is improved by aesthetically attractive sportswear and equipment is not definitive. It depends on an individual’s makeup and what specifically fills you with confidence before, during or after a workout. So, if you fancy investing in the most gorgeous new set of Parallettes or trainers go for it! As long as it does not detract from your workout, there is no harm at all. If the clothes or equipment makes you feel good and encourage you to go to the gym then get them, body positivity is key.

Most importantly, it is crucial to invest in equipment, which is strong, sturdy and that you can trust. Then that leaves you to focus on what’s important: The Training!

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